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Like the look of a lush green lawn? Want somewhere perfect for the kids to play all summer? Or would rather spend your weekends relaxing or going to the cottage then caring for your property, Groff Landscaping is right for you.

The perfect lawn is difficult to look after these days.  Personal time is at a premium, as theres always something more important to do then mow your lawn.  Proper cutting height and a regular mowing schedule are important factors to keeping your lawn looking its best!  The Experts at Groff have a weekly cutting schedule to ensure this happens

all summer long.

Gardens? We do that too. Our experienced gardener can look after weekly maintenance, like shrub pruning, maintaining garden edges, and the all-important getting rid of all the unsightly weeds.  It’s a very time consuming task,

so why not let us handle it?

Property Maintenance Services
  • Lawn Maintenance - This service includes mowing and trimming of all lawn areas as discussed between the customer and  Groff Landscaping. Also includes cleaning of all debris (sticks, garbage, etc.) before mowing begins, as well as cleaning walkways and driveways of any grass clippings after mowing.

  • Garden Maintenance - Includes removing weeds, maintaining garden edges, dead heading, maintaining pruning of shrubs and turning of soil or mulch as necessary.

  • Garden Plantings - We provide full planting services including anything from annual planting to large tree and shrub installations.

  • Spring Clean-up - Consists of removal of all debris left from the previous fall as well as the winter from all areas specified by the customer. All debris (leaves, sticks, garbage, etc.) will be removed from the property by Groff Landscaping unless otherwise specified by the customer.

  • Fall Clean-up -  This will take place as the leaves begin to accumulate on the ground. Groff Landscaping will clean up and remove all leaves and sticks from the areas specified by the customer. Groff Landscaping will do our best to do a final clean-up of the property after all leaves have fallen but before the winter season sets in.  This will depend of course on late falling trees and early snow.

  • Fertilizing - Fertilizing is an important step in the property care process. It keep your lawn looking green and lush all season long. It also helps to control the weeds growing in your lawn as a healthy lawn proves harder for weeds to survive. This service will be done three times a year and will be applied on a schedule as follows.  Services will be billed at the end of the corresponding month that the work was completed.

  •  Aeration - Aeration is vital to healthy lawn.  The soil under your lawn become hard packed from foot traffic throughout the year as well as the compaction from your lawnmower every week.  With aerating your lawn it creates holes to allow  moisture as well as air and the nutrients from fertilizing to penetrate the surface and get to the roots of your lawn.  Also the plugs removed will break down in a couple weeks to create a top dressing effect for your lawn. This process is best done in the spring.

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