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At Groff Landscaping we understand the importance of a well thought out, structured design plan. After all a great landscape starts with a great design. With that in mind, at your initial consultation our designers will go through a property analysis personally with you. Looking over things like sun, shade, privacy, wind direction, elevation changes and any water drainage issues. You can look forward to detailed conversations about the things that you want and need in your landscape. Never be afraid to open up, because after all, a good designer takes everything into consideration when designing a space. Was there something you really liked on that vacation you went on 2 years ago, or a space you would like to re-create in your backyard, no detail is to small. We know and trust that if you can think it, we can build it.  


After your initial consultation; measurements and sketches will be turned into a full landscape master plan. As well as 3D perspective images which will allow you to walk your way through your design viewing every aspect. This is our recipe to a well planned design and the creation of a flawless work flow. Right from design concept through to construction, we like you, our client, to be there the whole time to see your dreams become a reality and your living spaces expanded. 

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